​ZT Weather Monitoring Desk

Srinagar, May 9: A wet spell is likely to start ​in Kashmir division and parts of Jammu division on Friday, May 10 and would intermittently continue until May 16, diverse weather data analysis by Ziraat Times indicates.

This particular spell is likely to result in intermittent and spontaneous rains in the plains and snowfall in the upper Himalayas in Kashmir and Ladakh. Parts of  upper Pirpanjal range in South Kashmir are also likely to experience snowfall during this period.

Analysis of multiple sources of data and weather models by Ziraat Times indicates that Friday and early days of next week are likely to experience snowfall in upper parts of Zanaskar, Upper Himalayas in Kashmir and Ladakh regions, resulting in a dip in temperatures in Kashmir and Ladakh provinces. Parts of Kashmir valley are also likely to experience moderate rainfall.

Saturday is also likely to see occasional rainfall activity across many parts of Kashmir valley and parts of Jammu region. The major precipitation is likely to happen on 13th, 14th and 16th May in Kashmir valley, analysis of weather data indicates. 

Fruit farmers are advised to take precautions as spontaneous hail and stormy conditions are likely to happen in Karewa and plains.

As per the data available as of now, a mixture of low and high wind pressures forming over J&K are likely to result in fast-changing weather conditions, resulting in occasional precipitation throughout coming week in Kashmir valley. These changing wind conditions are also likely to result in windy conditions in many parts of Kashmir.

Note: This weather forecast/advisory is issued by Ziraat Times in the interest of farmers and general public based on the analysis of multi weather data, including dynamic and ultraviolet  satellite imagery, super computer-generated direction and speed of winds associated with the sub-tropical jet, temperature variations within Jammu & Kashmir, sub-regions and neighbouring regions, past weather data and weather patterns. While maximum care is taken in generating this information, and most times our forecasts are accurate; due to the rapidly-changing nature of winds, temperatures, humidity and local cloud formation, at times the forecast might change. We advise discretion in using this information.