Farooq Sopori 

Srinagar:  As the brief closure of air services along with war like situation has created panic among non-locals and tourists, this difficult phase has again highlighted the humane face of Kashmiris and their hospitality. 

Social media networking sites are flooded with messages from Kashmiri breathren opening their homes for stranded non locals. 

” You are welcome in our house.  We will treat you as our own family members,  reads a message by a neitzen Aisha Sajad. 

“Tourists and visitors from rest of the country stuck out here in Kashmir in view of the prevalent circumstances are welcome to stay at my home. Can fairly accommodate and feed 10 people. #Contact: 9419000573Don’t feel homeless & destitute, every Kashmiri home is your own. Knock any door, irrespective of the hour and rest assured that you’d be welcomed with a motherly warmth, fatherly protection, brotherly companionship and sisterly love,  reads a message by Dr. Suneem Khan. 

The escalating hostilities between India and Pakistan has created panic in Kashmir.  With it closure of Srinagar highway and brief halt of commercial flights from Srinagar Airport further added to woes of non locals currently in Kashmir. 

Joint Secretary, Kashmir Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHARA), Mehboob Mir appealed to the tourists who are at present stranded in Srinagar due to the prevailing warlike situation and also due to closure of airports and highway to contact us so them.
“We will facilitate their accommodation in food till the situation gets back to normal. Tourists are our guests and we shall open our hearts for them in these trying times,” he said.