A new book “Alginates” has been penned down by Dr Shakeel Ahmed from Mendhar Poonch, J&K, which has been published by Wiley Publishers, USA.

Alginate is a hydrophilic, biocompatible, biodegradable, and relatively economical natural polymer generally found in marine brown algae. The main aim of this book was to present a detailed account of alginates in biomedical and food industry. The contents of this book include properties, history and processing of alginates, their characterization, and applications in food industry and biomedical sciences. 


“While working on my 2016 project on “Chitosan”, my most popular book published by Wiley, I planned to daft a book on another biomedical efficient natural polymer, Alginate. After facing different challenges, I am overwhelmed to see the publication of this book”, Dr Shakeel told Ziraat Times.

Dr Shakeel is working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Government Degree College, Mendhar. He is one of the renowned researchers working in the area of green and sustainable advanced materials.