Ziraat Times Weather Outlook

Srinagar, July 23: Wet and thundery weather conditions are likely to prevail over Kashmir valley and parts of Jammu province between July 25 and 28.

Analysis of multiple weather data by Ziraat Times indicates a possible convergence of warmer monsoon winds emanating from the Arabian Sea and southerly winds blowing from Tajikistan and Xinjiang regions in the north resulting in intermittent rainfall and thunder storms this week.

At this stage while a low pressure area is prevailing over parts of north India and Pakistan Punjab, which is likely to result in significant rainfall throughout this week in Jammu & Kashmir’s southern vicitinities, its northward movement could influence precipitation intensity in Jammu & Kashmir as well.

Although the available weather data at this stage does not provide a definite picture of the actual time of precipitation, rainfall could, at times, especially on 28th July be intense over Kashmir valley. 

Flash floods and flooding situations in parts of both Kashmir and Jammu regions cannot be ruled out.

Note: This weather forecast/advisory is issued by Ziraat Times in the interest of farmers and general public based on the analysis of multi weather data, including dynamic and ultraviolet satellite imagery, super computer-generated direction and speed of winds associated with the sub-tropical jet, monsoon, temperature variations within Jammu & Kashmir, sub-regions and neighbouring regions, past weather data and weather patterns. While maximum care is taken in generating this information, and most times our forecasts are accurate; due to the rapidly-changing nature of winds, temperatures, humidity and local cloud formation, at times the forecast might change. We advise discretion in using this information.