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Srinagar, This Eid-ul-Fitr over 95,000 Kgs of locally sourced poultry meat from poultry farms registered with the department was sold at Departmental outlets.

Sales were held in various outlets in all districts of the division apart from mobile sales in major markets. 


“The produce of the farmers is directly marketed by the department after ascertaining its fitness. The farmer is benefited as he or she is protected from exploitation by some middlemen and retailers thus earning a higher profit. At the same time the accrued savings are shared with the consumers by reducing the cost of the bird which this year was at an unprecedented Rs 15 lower than the market rates”, a statement issued by the department said.


A spokesman of the Department told Ziraat Times that “apart from the bi-directional benefits the lower consumer prices help to stabilise the rates of poultry in the market that usually have a tendency to shoot up around festivities.”

This measure is aimed at providing wholesome and healthy poultry meat to the consumers by listing the registered farmers and their contact details. This has helped to allay fears that have been raised by the reports involving trade of dead and disease infested chicken by some unscrupulous traders, the Department said in the statement.


The department of Animal Husbandry Kashmir has also been marketing the locally produced birds – reared under supervision of its Poultry Development staff on its virtual mandi at the URL www.poultrymandi.in.