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Srinagar, March 28:

Kashmir has got its first meals on wheels brand.

MyBike Cafe, Meals-on-Wheels combining Kashmiri hospitality with youth employment, promoted by Athrout, is a homegrown initiative launched to promote local street food and uplift the youth of Kashmir. This vibrant eatery on wheels delivers food that is fresh, tasty and hygienic. Most importantly, most of Kashmir’s favorite snacks with a hint of Kaeshur pride is served.

From its humble beginnings Athrout today is delivering a host of charitable initiatives which include subsidized healthcare, educational support, and youth empowerment. With the immense public support and trust, Athrout continues to work relentlessly to bring more initiatives and programs for the upliftment of the underprivileged.

“Youth employment and empowerment has always been our priority. With MyBike cafe we reiterate our commitment to the youth of the valley and will continue to launch programs that will create multiple opportunities for them”, says Bashir Nadwi, Chairman Athrout.

“If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, MyBike Cafe™ is just the place for you; with its efficient and welcoming atmosphere, this ride is one of a kind. After our Bike-Masters have pulled up next to you, you’ll be able to select from a variety of refreshments displayed on the floating menu in front of you; rest assured, our service will delight you!” he added.

Eye-catching and easy to find, MyBike Cafe™, will open early to serve morning commuters, offering freshly made beverages as well as grab-and-go snacks around the city, seven days a week, from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm.

My Bikes Cafe

Bike-Master Subhan says “This is my livelihood and this is my pride”.

Driven by a strong sense of place and purpose, the creators of MyBike Cafe™, aspire to do more than just serve good food. From its inception the cafe has been designed to deliver world-class service, create employment opportunities and empower our youth.