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Kunzer, July 19: Several government employees are angry for the inordinate  delay in the release of their GP funds pending in various treasuries of the state.

GP Fund withdrawal has become a cumbersome process for employees as it takes months to get the money released from the treasuries.

“Non availibility of the funds thereof which is raising many questions on the government’s tall claims of good governance  and efficiency of its delivery system especially when it comes to disburse the employees general provident fund on which the state exchequer earns money as it remains in the exchquer for years together”, a group of employees told Ziraat Times.

At Govt Treasury Kunzar alone, reportedly an amount of about 1.25 crore rupees is pending for last two months and an amount of 2.75 crore rupees is pending of pension cases at the same treasury, said a group of angry employees.

“We only resort  to GP fund withdrawals when emergencies arise but now it takes months to get the bills released. What use of that system which can not relieve you with your own money in case of emergency” said an employee.

The affected employees say that the delay in the release of GP Fund due to one or the other reason is vulnerable to corruption and malpractices for the eradication.