New Delhi: Ladakhi cattle breed is among 15 breeds of livestock and poultry which have been given registration by Indian Council of Agriculture Research.

The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has approved registration of 15 breeds of livestock and poultry this year, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said Wednesday.

The newly registered breeds include two cattle breeds Ladakhi from Jammu and Kashmir and Konkan Kapila from Maharashtra and Goa.

“It is a matter of happiness that the number of newly registered breeds is increasing year by year. Out of the 55 newly registered breeds since 2010, 40 have been registered during 2014-18 as compared to 15 during 2010-13,” Singh said after awarding breed registration certificates at an event.

This year, 3 buffalo breeds – Luit (Assam and Manipur), Bargur (Tamil Nadu), Chhattisgarhi (Chhattisgarh); 1 sheep breed – Panchali (Gujarat); 6 goat breeds – Kahmi (Gujarat), Rohilkhandi (UP), Assam Hill (Assam and Meghalaya), Bidri (Karnataka), Nandidurga (Karnataka), Bhakarwali (J&K), and 1 each breed of pig, donkey and chicken were also registered.

These native breeds are known for their heat tolerance, disease resistance and ability to thrive on low input system, he said.

Singh said that other than recognition of new breeds, the improvement, protection and conservation of existing breeds are equally important.

Keeping this in mind, a number of measures has been taken to protect the native breeds, he said.

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