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Leh, May 8: Krishi Vigyan Kendra Nyoma SKUAST-K conducted a series of awareness and training programmes in different areas of Changthang region with the beginning of sowing season.


Awareness programme on ‘drudgery reduction through improved farm implements’, method demonstration on ‘cucurbit cultivation under green houses’ and distribution of pea seeds and farm implements among the farmers of Kuyul village were conducted on 30/04/2019. Awareness programme on ‘production technology of field crops’, method demonstration on cucurbit cultivation under green houses and pea seeds were distributed free of cost among the farmers of Chushul and Merak villages under Tribal Sub Plan.

The farmers were educated about cultivation of novel crops such as water melon, musk melon and cucumber (cucurbits) owing to the change in climatic conditions and protected structure technologies, for their own use and for sale purpose for income generation. Awareness programme on ‘Vermicompost technology’ was also conducted at Liktse village on 03/05/2019 in which farmers were stressed about the production of vermicompost in order to maintain the organic culture in view of decreasing trend of farm yard manure production.

Method demonstration on ‘sowing of oats and barley’ under Front Line Demonstration (FLD) was done at Tsaga village on 07/05/2019. The farmers were trained about the seed rate, method of sowing and variety to be selected for maximum crop production. The scientists involved in these programmes were Dr. M.S. Kanwar (Programme Coordinator/Head), Dr. Sonam Spaldon (Subject Matter Specialist, Vegetable Science) and Dr. Hanuman Lal Verma (Subject Matter Specialist, Agricultural Extension).