Ziraat Times Exclusive

Srinagar, June 27:

After several pesticide brands in Kashmir market were found to be “misbranded” by J&K government’s testing system, the companies whose stocks are being removed from the market have called for their samples to be tested from central laboratories.

Speaking exclusively to Ziraat Times, Brajanand Singh, DGM of India Pesticides Limited (IPL) said that their company had already “tested 3-5 samples from the same batch and the results were okay.”

Calling upon the J&K government to get the samples tested from central laboratories, Mr Singh further said, “on that ground, we will request state authority to get the samples tested from Central laboratory on priority basis to clear the doubts. It’s clearly some testing error.”

Meanwhile, Director Horticulture, Aijaz Ahmed Bhat told Ziraat Times that testing of pesticides was not the domain of their department, and, therefore, would not be able to comment on the matter.

Deputy Director, Law Enforcement said that the company has an option to appeal for re-testing, adding that until the results are not out, that batch won’t be out for sale in the market.

As already reported by Ziraat Times, several pesticides being sold in Kashmir markets have been found misbranded (a euphemism for fakely made brands) and their seizure has been ordered.

An official document accessed by Ziraat Times reveals that Pesticide Testing Laboratory of the Horticulture Department has officially declared various batches of different pesticides as misbranded after receiving the samples from the offices of Deputy Director, Law Enforcement. The pesticides that have been declared as misbranded are:

IPL Ziram – 80 (Ziram 80% WP) with Batch No. DIZW/19/04/01

IPL Ziram – 80 (Ziram 80% WP) with Batch No. DIZW/19/04/04 with manufacturing date as April 2019 and expiry date as April 2021 and March 2021 respectively. The manufacturer of the mentioned pesticide is M/s India Pesticides Limited.

Marlett M – 45 (Mancozeb 75% WP) with the batch no. J18120102 manufactured as on January 2018 and expiry date as November 2020 has also been declared as misbranded.

The manufacturer of Marlett M – 45 is M/s Coromondel International (I) Ltd.

Further, Insecticide Inspectors have been instructed to seize the pesticide stocks of these misbranded pesticides with the said batch numbers.

Farmers across Kashmir report prevalence of substandard and misbranded agro chemicals in Kashmir markets and have demanded a larger scale action by law enforcement agencies.