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Srinagar, July 7: JKSECC, an amalgam of  various trade, industrial, travels, tour, tourism, horticultural, educational, contractors, pharmaceutical, houseboat, bakers, transporters and civil society formations in an emergency meeting, held on July 7, deplored the delay in withdrawal of the ban order imposed by the Government on the movement of the locals  and their vehicles on the highway during Amarnath Yatra. 

In the meeting, it was pointed out by the constituent members that this order is adversely affecting all segments of society, in particular patients in ambulances, students, horticulturists, tourists and most of all  the locals who work on day to day basis. Even the dead bodies are not spared and the same are being asked to wait for 2 to 3 hours.

It is unfortunate that the locals who have always  welcomed the pilgrims with open arms and permit us to say that Kashmiri Muslims have  facilitated their travel, food and shelter wherever required when even the Government, at times,  had left them high and dry.

The constituent members also pointed out the fact that although the yatra has always been a cause of concern to the environment, ecology, flora and fauna of this place as the pilgrims are allowed to do the yatra in large number when similar environmentally fragile area like in Gangotri where only 1200 yatris are allowed per day.

The constituent members also observed that there is no benefit to the economy of Kashmir. Unlicensed and unhygienic langers, from outside, are allowed to run left, right and centre without any authority.  We, the locals of Kashmir, are there to clean the filth and dirt spread by them throughout the designated routes of this yatra .

The constituent members also pointed out that it was pity that this order of the Government portrays that the Muslims of Kashmir as anti yatra in the eyes of the outside world. The truth is altogether different. This seems to be  yet another exercise in the negative campaign against Kashmiris.

We suggest to the State Administrative Council (SAC) to do away with this unwanted ban forthwith and without any delay, keeping in view the sentiments as have been expressed here-in-before, as also the order is anti people, therefore, bad in all manners.

We feel that even  Shri  Amarnath Jee would have disapproved of such a ban on the movement of the people who belong here and are unnecessarily put to grave inconvenience.