Mumbai: Jet Airways pilots have written to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the embattled airline, Vinay Dube, threatening to take legal action or go on indefinite leave from 1 April if the company fails to pay salary dues by the end of March.

“After having been aggrieved over the last eight months my anticipation, belief and confidence in your management has been completely eroded, washed off due to the complete lack of communication in a transparent and fair manner,” said a letter written by a pilot to Dube on 29 March.

Mint has reviewed a copy of the letter, which is in the same format as the other letters.

“I am hoping to receive all the payments due to me in my account before last working day,” the letter said. “I have recourse under the law to file cases for recovery of my payment (both by civil law and labour regulation). I can jointly express my discomfort and agitate under the auspices of the association to which I belong or become a part of a new group that raises disputes before the management. I can express my displeasure by refusing to fly till such time that my issues are not resolved,” the letter said.

“While I understand and have been more than willing to cooperate at difficult times either currently or in the past, I have to candidly let you know that I have a deep sense of discomfort within me by your conduct in not honouring the terms of understanding to make all salary current as of 31st March. There is 387.5% of unpaid salaries due to me as on 31 March 2019,” the letter said.

“I can express my displeasure by refusing to fly till such time that my issues are not resolved. I have been pondering over the alternatives above and I feel that it would be suitable for me to proceed on leave of absence, to assist me in organizing my personal life and arrange for sources of my existence as you have failed in honouring the agreement and your word,” the letter said.

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