ZT Weather Monitoring

Srinagar, June 3: It is going to be rainy, cool Eid in most parts of Jammu & Kashmir this time.

Analysis of multiple weather data indicates that intermittent rainfall activity is likely in Jammu & Kashmir, particularly in Kashmir and Ladakh provinces, between Monday and Thursday. 

How much and where would it rain exactly?

While on Monday, north and central parts of Kashmir are likely to receive moderate rains, parts of Kashmir valley, Karewa areas along the Pirpanjal range, including Srinagar, are likely to receive heavy rainfall Monday night.
On Tuesday, intermittent rainfall is likely in north and south Kashmir areas. Snowfall activity in the mountains is likely to bring down temperatures in both Kashmir and Ladakh provinces. Kishtwar and Bhaderwah areas will be cooler too.

While on Wednesday some heavy rainfall is expected in South Kashmir, most of the valley would receive only intermittent rainfall. 

On Wednesday night while some heavy rainfall is likely in most parts of Kashmir valley and adjacent Jammu districts of Doda, Bhaderwah, Kishtwar, Poonch and Rajouri; later Thursday weather is likely to stabilise across J&K. 

During this period farmers should expect gusty winds and hailstorms as well. Precautions with crops is recommended.

Would mountains get snow?

Yes, most of the mountains in the Zanaskar and Middle Himalayan mountain ranges would receive snowfall during this period.

Weather data analysed by Ziraat Times suggests snowfall activity in and around Margan Pass, Baltal, Amarnath Cave, Kolohoi, Lidderwath, mid and upper-Zanaskar, upper areas of Kishtwar National park, upper Bhaderwah.  Some snowfall activity is also likely in higher Gurez mountains, including the Harmukh mountain. 

Note: This weather forecast/advisory is issued by Ziraat Times in the interest of farmers and general public based on the analysis of multiple weather data, including dynamic and ultraviolet  satellite imagery, super computer-generated direction and speed of winds associated with the sub-tropical jet, temperature variations within Jammu & Kashmir, sub-regions and neighbouring regions, past weather data and weather patterns. While maximum care is taken in generating this information, and most times our forecasts are accurate; due to the rapidly-changing nature of winds, temperatures, humidity and local cloud formation, at times the forecast might change. We advise discretion in using this information.