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Srinagar: Department of Horticulture, Ramban today issued an advisory for farmers in the district in view of intermittent downpour specifying steps to protect the produce.


Special teams of horticulture technocrats and field functionaries have been constituted and deputed to different areas to impart the know-how to farmers for protecting their orchards and fruit plants from snowfall.


Various teams of the Department visited MahuMangit, Dachhan, Dalwa, Gandhari, Ukhral, Khari, Pogal and other areas of the district which have received heavy snowfall.


The officials of the Department are providing the know-how to the orchardists as how to provide support and staking to the tree limbs not strong enough and to newly planted plants to avoid any damage to new roots.


They suggested various measures to farmers for avoiding any damage and loss of plantation including cutting and removing the broken and damaged branches, reducing the canopy load by pruning and providing proper support.


On spot, demonstrations were given regarding pulling back uprooted trees and putting it into original position after heavy pruning and support by staking.


Chief Horticulture Officer Ramban advised the orchardists to clear water from channels and drains to ensure complete drainage from orchards/ fields besides shaking trees to remove snow immediately from the branches and crotches.

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