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Tangmarg: Flash floods in Nallah Ferozpora caused  damages  to bridges and roads here on Wednesday wherein the banks of  a vital and longest bridge adjoining Chandil Wanigam and a dozen other villages  with Srinagar Gulmarg highway got  washed away cutting these villages from the rest of the valley and the two main townships Kunzar and Tangmarg.

Meanwhile, the  banks of under-construction Kunzar-Chanpora bridge also sustained damages at bothe approaching banks. All the irrigation Kohls outpouring from  Nallah Ferozpora have sustained damages and the irrigation supply is badly affected. The water supply schemes including the Wtaer Supply Scheme of Gonipora are damaged and the water supply has got afftected.

 Meanwhile the intermittent hailstorms on Wednesday afternoon caused damages to the crops and the fruits here in Tangmarg villages.