“The party manifesto of Naya Kashmir is loud and clear on the rights of workers. Ensuring ‘Roti, Kapda, and Makan’ to people irrespective of their caste, creed forms the core of our party” 

Srinagar, 28 May: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday expressed dismay over the government order to terminate those appointed on adhoc/contractual/consolidated basis after 2010 saying the move will snatch the livelihood of thousands of employees and brood disenchantment among the youth.

Party’s senior leader, Member parliament elect Muhammad Akbar Lone while censuring the governor administration for the arbitrary order said, “The state is already faced with dire unemployment. The number of unemployed youth is soaring with each passing day. The state already lacks in avenues and a viable private sector. The uncertainty and the tumultuous situation writs large in the state especially in the valley have inadvertently hit tourism sector.  Keeping in view the dismal employment prospect in the state, our youth looked for jobs in other parts of the country, however there too they are  battling  awful treatment and targeted violence at the hands of unruly mobs. Given the fact that every single window of opportunity has been closed for our youth, it is the government sectors of the state that accommodated a good number of our youth. However the recent order of terminating the services of thousands of contractual and adhoc employees will add to the miseries of our youth,” adding, “The move will brood disenchantment among our youth, the imprudent policies, sheer nepotism of the former BJP-PDP government has already disenchanted our youth. This step will further push thousands of families to duress. Besides that the move will obviously hit work in all the vital departments of state ranging from health department to education department.”

He further added that the handicraft sector had already been destroyed by the implementation of GST and that the move of disengaging contractual and adhoc employees would create a crisis in the state. “This is what we have been saying that few advisors of the governor cannot represent the aspirations of the state. In no way can the advisory council replace an elected legislative assembly and a representative cabinet. The governor administration is too isolated from people to understand their woes. I urge the governor administration to revoke the move. It is the prerogative of an elected government to find solution to the problem faced by our state. National Conference in power will undo all the imprudent steps of the previous governments once in power. The party manifesto of Naya Kashmir is loud and clear on the rights of workers. Ensuring ‘Roti, Kapda, and Makan’ to people irrespective of their caste, creed forms the core of our party,” he said. 

Meanwhile party’s women’s wing President Shameema Firdous also expressed dismay over the move of snatching the livelihood of thousands of families. “The unemployment in the state has already touched crescendo and such imprudent order will create more trouble for the people. The move of disengaging thousand of workers will also have far reaching consequences on the prospects of peace in the state. The need of the hour is to regularize the contractual and adhoc workers. The governor administration should refrain from coming up with such unconsidered decisions, the need of the hour is to invest in micro and small scale industries. The need of the hour calls for creating more job opportunities in the valley, on the contrary we have a government in place which has taken upon itself to destroy the future of our youth,” she said.