Ahmad Kashmiri

Tangmarg, June 26: Education Director, leaves one sentence reverberating message for small school children as “ Aap Kissi Se Kam Nahein Ho” (you are not less than anybody).

Mohammad Younis Malik, Director School Education Kashmir on June 24, 2019 morning broke down to tears when he was addressing school children at Morning Assembly in Govt Middle School, Shrai Tangmarg.


Director was performing the two days special duty as visiting officer in the ‘Back to Village’ program . Malik who is a native of Tangmarg area burst into tears while addressing the pupils of the school and recalling his childhood days and comparing the then era with the contemporary times.

Perhaps the mixed feelings of despair, nostalgia and the hope of contemporary times brought tears in his eyes when he recalled the days he had been visiting the area as a child with his mother . Those days, he said, Ballwadi were in vogue instead of Aanganwadi they would go Darakassi via Chandil Wanigam, the peripheral village of north Kashmir.


With his nostalgic aspirations, he said that he has studied in these schools and it was only by the gestures and guidance of teachers that he reached the position of Education Director.

He applauded the teachers for having been on toes in bringing up the inner abilities of the student.

He pronounced upon the children that every person has a unique ability in this world and there is a need to develop and boost that ability at the right time. And that is where the role of a teacher comes.

Further deliberating, he said that every child has a potential in him and it is the teacher who should utilize efforts to recognize and develop that particular trait. When that recognition is done, then there is no delay in producing good teachers, pilots, sportsmen, engineers, doctors and what not. Simplifying it, he said that this ability was not the monopoly of a few people only but existed in every person in a diverse nature.

Malik carried out scheduled activities of the ‘Back to Village’. He also visited the vital Shrai Bridge that had sustained damages in the recent flashfloods and rendered the road blocked for traffic.

Nostalgic spirit turned as a synergistic force for the officer to work and analyse on the diverse issues of the society and the educational scenario of the children. It was indeed an occasion what can be called back to your people, back to your community, meadows, streams, forests, that once had nurtured you by one or the other way by relations of blood or divine intuitive and now you are able to pay back out of your prolific position, profile and status. And when experienced desperation is seen fading away and the hope is in sight but in between long period has passed and we have lost nears , dears and acquaintances and remembering them tears roll down as a mark of affection honor and love. That is the human nature.