As the Board of Directors in J&K Bank has decided to implement J&K Right to Information Act (RTI), Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement has appealed Chairman J&K Bank to give direction for designating Public Information Officers (PIOs) in all the business units of the bank.


In a statement Chairman of JK RTI Movement Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat bringing JK Bank under RTI ambit is a  historical decision that was only possible after J&K Government headed by Governor Satyapal Malik, Chief Secretary B V R Subramanyam showed seriousness towards the same . He said that there is a bigger challenge before J&K Bank which is to ensure implementation J&K RTI Act 2009 and its Rules of 2012.

“As we know the implementation of RTI Act in most of the  Government offices is not encouraging and this should not happen in J&K Bank.The Chairman JK Bank Mr Chibber must start holding RTI workshops for all the Branch Heads and Cluster heads so as to ensure better understanding of  J&K RTI Act 2009  among bank officers. Even the clerical staff should be trained to handle RTI applications. The Branch heads should be designated as Public Information Officers (PIOs) and the Cluster heads as First Appellate Authorities (FAAs). In corporate office as many as half a dozen officers should be designated as PIOs so that workload is not thrusted on one or two officers only” ,reads the statement

Raja Muzaffar appealed people to  desist from seeking unnecessary information from JK Bank and urged that only public interest issues be raised under RTI . He said that  RTI Movement is always ready to provide any type of assistance to J&K Bank especially for training of its officials or making voluntary disclosure of information as mandated under section 4 of JK RTI Act 2009.