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Srinagar, Nov 24:
Dangiwacha Tehsil residents have demanded Horticulture Development Office in their tehsil.
Pertinently, Dangiwcha Tehsil comprises of more than 50 villages, almost 70% of the population is engaged in horticulture. Residents told Ziraat Times that growers face a lot of hardships as they cannot get the timely expertise and guidance from the Horticulture Department.
“Since the horticulture is linked with the livelihood of maximum people, it needs to be developed on the latest lines  for which we  require the technical support from the department”, a group of local farmers told Ziraat Times.
“We have been demanding opening of Horticulture Development Office for Dangiwacha Tehsil so that we get timely guidance and knowhow of recent trends and techniques of horticulture. We hope the authorities will redress our demand at the earliest”, Imtiyaz Rasool Ganai, a horticulturalist told Ziraat Times. 
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