Shahjahan Khan, Managing Director, Hyacinth Food in conversation with Ziraat Times.


ZT:  J&K still imports a lot of stuff from outside the state. How do you think we can bridge the supply-demand gap?

Local industry is the solution, most of the items are no rocket science.

ZT: What are the challenges you face in expansion and addressing the new market needs and trends?

Lots of challenges…manufacturing is assembling from pin to airplane. We have to gear up in lot of departments, work culture, availability, skills, etc.

ZT: Jammu-Srinagar is known to adversely impact all kinds of businesses, how is this road impacting your business?

It is a joke to share, we have a single lifeline both for our imports and exports 

ZT: What are the challenges of raw material that you face?

Huge inventory builds up, kills your cash viability, delivery of goods out of the station is haywire, again involving fund blockage, besides, often lose business for the eratic supplies. 

ZT: What is your message for potential entrepreneurs of Kashmir who may wish to start a business in this area?

Be steadfast. Ache din ayenge. 

ZT: How do you see the Ziraat Times initiative? What do you think this newspaper should be doing to transform into J&K’s Economic Times or Financial Express?

Keep doing good work. Allah is there foreseeing every deed of ours.