The New Kashmir Fruit Association also strongly condemned what it calls “plundering /adventurism of traffic/police personnel deployed on National Highway.”


The continued one way traffic on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway and now  banning of Civil traffic for two days in a week has strongly worsened the economic situation of the Valley particularly Horticulture Industry of the Valley and Fruit Marketing Complex, Parimpora Srinagar, the New Kashmir Fruit Association has said.

In this connection an emergency meeting under the leadership of President of the Association Bashir Ahmad Basheer was held when all members of the Association and other Fruit Growers and Kharidaran were also present.

Banning of civil traffic for two days on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway was considered to have been announced by the Government exclusively for worsening the economic situation of the Valley, the statement issued by the Association said.

Since due to one way traffic on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway the traders of the Valley particularly Fruit/Vegetable Growers and Dealers of the Valley were in a position to perform their trade only for three days and now the banning of Civil traffic for additional two days will add irreparable loss to Valley Based Fruit/Vegetable Growers and Dealers which will completely vanish entire trade.

The plundering /adventurism and unprofessional behaviour at the hands of traffic and police personnel on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway had also been noticed and condemned by the Members who were present in the meeting.

In fact the fresh Fruit/ Vegetables loaded trucks arriving from Jammu and other parts of the country are often stopped on various spots from Jammu to Udhampur and upto Ramban and whosoever grease the palms of the traffic /police personnel are allowed to move forward and those drivers who do not pay any bribe to traffic/police personnel are not allowed but are stopped in queue for days together with the result the entire fresh Fruit/ Vegetables gets completely damaged, the Association said.

It is height of things that on average Rs 10,000 is collected by the traffic/ police personnel from one Driver. It is unfortunate that on one side the Government says that the one way traffic is maintained on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway exclusively for maintaining the condition of Srinagar Jammu National Highway but on ground it is found that after taking the bribe the traffic/ police personnel allows the selected vehicles even against convoys, the Association has further said.

Despite repeated communications from this end addressed to IG Traffic Jammu /Kashmir besides his Excellency the Governor and Advisor incharge regarding plundering / adventurism of traffic/ police personnel on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway no fruitful result is found on ground instead the Fruit/ Vegetable loaded trucks who pays huge amount to traffic personnel arrive to this place even against Convoy.

Most of the apple crop is stored in various CA/Cold Stores in the Valley for its transportation to outside state but due to banning of Civil traffic on two days besides one way traffic on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway the Fruit Growers of the Valley have suffered huge losses due to damage their fruits in transit while its transportation to the different destinations of the Country, the statement further reads.

The banning of Civil traffic for two days in a week and one way traffic has become a gold mine for traffic/ police personnel deployed on Srinagar_ Jammu National Highway.

In view of the resolution unanimously passed in the meeting, the Government machinery is requested that:

  1. An uninterrupted traffic may be allowed on Srinagar Jammu National Highway.
  2. The ban of Civil traffic for two days in a week on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway may be rolled down immediately.
  3. The Snow on Mughal Road may be lifted on war footing basis and where ever any repair work is necessary on this road may be taken in hand on war footing basis making this road traffic worthy.