One of the ways we can help offset greenhouse gas emissions is by planting more trees.

We need trillions of them to make a difference, but Australia has embarked on a massive project to plant a billion of them within the next 30 years.

The Australian government has initiated the campaign as part of an attempt to meet the climate targets set by the new Paris Agreement. They estimate the project will run until 2050, with the aim to eventually remove 18 million tons of greenhouse gases per year. Right now, the country produces around 500 million tons of carbon dioxide each year.

The plan fits in with new research from ETH Zurich, that figured out we need about 1.2 trillion new trees to offset the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Lead researcher Thomas Crowther called trees “our most powerful weapon in the fight against climate change.” After all, it’s a completely non-technical solution that even regular people can embark on, anywhere in the world.

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