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Srinagar: Agriculture Employees Coordination Committee (AECC), an apex body of all the four organizations of the department held a protest demonstration in the premises of Directorate of Agriculture Jammu resenting posting of non-technical person as director of the department.

According to a press statement of AECC,  under government order No. 184-GAD of 2019 dated. 07-02-2019 whereby non technical Director has been posted as Director Agriculture Jammu instead of technical Director from amongst the Agriculture Gazetted Services.

Addressing the officers and officials the Chairman of the AECC, Pradeep Kumar Sharma disclosed that Department of Agriculture / Farm Sector / Agriculture Institutions are the living entities which are working for the sustainable production of foodgrains / fruits / vegetables both quantitatively and qualitatively to cater the needs of human beings to live.

“It is not a concrete body you construct, forget and use. It is like crop plants, fruit plants which take months and years together and then give fruits and grains that too after proper care, necessary inputs, preventing from diseases / weeds and other number of sensible decisions taken for its growth. It is pertinent to mention here that a single wrong decision kills the plants and the desired results are not obtained,” he said.

            Further, emphasizing the importance of technical Departments viz. Agriculture, Horticulture and Veterinary, Floriculture, Medical and Agriculture Universities, he cautioned the administration not to make them experimental tools by posting the non technical heads of the department and instead trust and strengthen the technical leadership from amongst eligible officers of respective departments.

            Recent Government order No.  184-GAD of 2019 dated. 07-02-2019 regarding the posting of non technical Director reveals the casual approach of the government towards the farm sector and violation of recommendation of the sub group on Agri-Development:-

            “ Department of Agriculture should be made responsible for the planning of production and supply of the essential agriculture inputs, arrangement of marketing of the produce, field extension work including demonstration and farmers training programme. It should be structured as a technical department and to be manned and headed by competent technical experts (Krishi Aur Sinchai Mantralaya, GoI, New Delhi)”

            He made a fervent appeal to the Agriculture/ Horticulture / Veterinary graduates of the sister departments viz. Horticulture Veterinary, Floriculture, Sheep Husbandry to come out of the identity crises and reminded them that it is only you people with whom identity of this living world, humanity and existence of mankind on the Mother earth is associated, Shed the fears of administrative tactics and project your opinion regarding the policy related matter without any prejudice.

            He urged the Governor, Satya Pal Malik, Advisor to  Governor, K Skandan, Chief Secretary, BVR Subramanyam that a genuine issue does not necessarily need huge crowds and strikes / protests. Therefore by today’s symbolic protest it is appealed to review the order No.  184-GAD of 2019 dated. 07-02-2019 and post a technical Director from the Department.

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